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monsoonx not able to adjust logging parameters


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 i cant figure out how to fix my issueim not sure how it got this way, but im not able to adjust the range or color line for graphs of my time plots  in parameters , when i input the changes and when i click ok it doesnt change anything, all my time plots are white cubes and zero for the min and max values making a bit difficult to read logs 

Screenshot (6).png

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It says NO DATA beside everyone of those parameters you have on your time plot.  That means either you dont have a log file open or the log file that you have open doesnt have those channels logged.

And BTW, you should load the new Default 1366 x 768 layout (or the 1920 x 1080 if you have highres screen) as it has been improved a lot from the old one you are using there. 

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Ok, thats a bit different than your first screenshot where no log file was open.

Do you have PC Link installed in the default C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X directory?

It looks like your parameter config file might be messed up or not in an accessible location.

Attached is the standard parameter file, please copy this into your G4X directory, overwritting the existing one.  This file should be in the location C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X




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UPDATE ive got it sorted out

im 90%  sure the fix for me was deleting contents of %appdata%

back up your maps/logs before you do anything....

just incase anyone else runs into this issue,, this is what i did when uninstalling and reinstalling didnt fix it 

type %appdata% in the toolbar at bottom of home screen hit enter,, find the PClink folder open it and then delete the contents inside,

 restart computer open PClink then close it and the next time you open it should have a new appdata file saved, back to normal 

Screenshot (17).png

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Thats odd that you have another copy of the default parameter config in the Appdata directory, as far as I know you generally only have the Options2 file in there.  Do you still have the old options2 file in your recycle bin that I could take a look at?  

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Looking through PCLink it looks like it tries to use the last Parameter Config file that was loaded (because you can have multiple and switch between them), if it can't find the last one it will load the "DefaultParameterConfig.rtcr" file in the PCLink directory and then save the loaded copy to the Appdata directory on close of PCLink and then continue to use the Appdata copy until a .rtcr file from a different directory is loaded (or the Appdata copy is deleted).

In terms of the original issue it looks like the file was corrupted somehow, if it happens again please attach a copy of the "DefaultParameterConfig.rtcr" file from the Appdata directory.

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