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MAF or MAP and IAT sensor - Supercharged 2GR-FE


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My intake manifold currently only has one port that I was planning to use for my MAP sensor. It doesn't have an intake temp sensor. I would like to avoid drilling into it for an IAT sensor if possible. 

Can I use the stock MAF to compensate? or is the best solution to suck it up and install and IAT sensor after the supercharger?

What is the recommended IAT sensor?

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For a supercharged engine you will definitely want an IAT sensor somewhere after the supercharger.  Although a true MAF system doesnt actually need air temp to provide the correct amount of fuel, for speed-density (MAP based fuel) it is needed.  In either case however the more important consideration is the engine is significantly more prone to knock as intake air temp increases so with a low efficiency blower putting lots of heat into the air it is important to compensate ignition timing as IAT increases. 

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