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Change ECU type


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G'day all,

I'm prepping a basic tune for my FuryX for when I purchase next pay.  Given this will be used on a VVTi 1JZ, the logical option is to start with the JZX100 plugin ECU base tune and translate it across to the FuryX.  So I've opened the JZX tune, but am unable to select certain things (onboard Lambda, E-Throttle etc) because the plugin ECU is based on a lower spec board.  Is there a way for me to change which ECU this tune thinks it is so it unlocks the features that I'll be using? 

The other method I can think of is to open the FuryX base map, then open the JZX plugin base map as a compare and manually set the Fury up the same.  This would be rather tedious.

Final thing, I've adjusted to full sequention ignition (easy), however can't find if there's a simple setting to blanket change the injector size?  Do I just do a blanket percentage offset on the fuel table, or is there a setting for injector flow rate that should do that calc for me?  Some other ECUs I've programmed this is the basic method.

Thanks for any help, look forward to getting this thing set up.

Cheers, Owen

1JZ Setup mapv2.pclx

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You can put the plugin base map on the furyX and it will convert to the right functions that may not be available before. 

If you are in traditional fuel mode then master fuel time (in ms) will be reduced if bigger injector are mounted, 

If modeled, there is the injector flow rate into the injector section at the rated base pressure

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Your map below converted to Fury IO.  


20 hours ago, Owen said:

I'll take an estimate on the master fuel number and correct it once I have the engine running.

That is the best way, start it, then bump it up or down until it runs best.  As a very rough ball park:

400cc inj start with master about 24ms

800cc injector about 12ms

1200cc around 8ms.


Fury 1JZSetupmapv2.pclx

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