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TT link no 12v coil supply

Rory nimmo

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Hello all, 

The other day I was driving the car and came to a set of traffic lights and the car suddenly stopped, might I add the hazard lights came on constant, not flashing! And could not restart the car :(

on investigation the TT LINK was not sending out 12v to the coils via pin 118 or 121, so I have ran my own wire for the time being to a switched 12v supply to get me going

Also what does the ecu require in order to supply 12v to coils? Is there a crash detection wire on ecu? I ran a Vcds code scan and I had a crash code although I haven’t crashed, just wondering if this could affect the ecu’s normal function

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The coil power supply is not from pin 118 or 121.  Some models have a constant 12V supply to pin 121 from the same circuit as the coils but our ECU doesnt use that - pin 121 is connected to nothing.  Pin 118 is the negative for the E-throttle motor so whatever you do, dont connect that to 12V, it will fry the ecu.

The coil power comes from fuse#37 which is the main Motronic relay power supply.  





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Thanks for the help, sorry for the late reply I’ve been busy with other things lately! Good job I haven’t connected anything to that pin lol, going to charge the battery and investigate today, pretty sure I buzzed the coil live wire to pin 121, could be wrong tho, I will post findings :)

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