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No start issue

Jimmy 107r

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I have moved your post into is own topic since it is probably not related to the post about the S15 wiring issue that you posted in.

Can you give more info about your problem. What ECU, what car, do you have RPM showing in the software when cranking?  Have you done all the pre-start checks in the manual?

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If its showing 150RPM then it suggest the trigger is ok.  

A couple of things I noticed in your map:

  1. Fuel is turned off.
  2. IAT is reading 100°C
  3. MAP hasnt been calibrated.
  4. Trigger offset looks wrong.
  5. Battery voltage only shows 7.2V when the map was saved.
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If injector 3 doesnt work doing the injector test function then you have a wiring issue.  

Your log only shows 0.5second of cranking so it isnt really enough to give us a good idea that everything is ok, but all the basics appear to be there.

Does your timing look correct when you are cranking?  What size injectors?

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