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V5-6 plugin drivers not active

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Hi guys I am having trouble trying to work out why my two ignition drivers and injection drivers will not come up as on or active in the configuration screen. The ECU hold is ok and I am getting a crank I have checked that the injectors and the coil are getting power and that the wires from the ECU to the injectors and coil are good. The car was running  and then I  wired up the red counter  oil pressure light and charge light to the dash, I then ran the car again and everything seemed fine but the next day I could not get it to start. Any thoughts on what else should I be checking?

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It is normal for the status runtimes to show off all the time for injectors and ign - they only show active when the drives are assigned as aux outputs.

Do you have RPM showing in the software when cranking?

Do the injectors click when you set them to test mode?

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