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G35 Lambda Setup.


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I have an 05 G35 Coupe.This has factory widebands installed in the headers.The car has a large number of mods done and its now time to purchase a Link, as ultimately I want to go ITB. I have a dual wideband controller , outputing 0-5V , so i can cut into the stock loom , take the stock wideband outputs from L& R banks to input the controller, and wire in the controllers two 0-5V outputs by cutting into the stock loom as well.What pin numbers do you suggest I should use to get this sensor signal into the Link.

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Hi Adam , I have found some more info on the Lambda setup for my 05 G35.

Seems to be a difference between what you have as the Lambda signal inputs.

This wiring diagram shows both pins 16 and 35 are from the RH bank 1 front Lambda.

I will check next on the Lambda plugs what the wire colour codes are to try and define where I need to splice in the dual controller to the loom prior to the ECU.

Unless you have already this info.



G35 Lambda_0001.jpg

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