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V Twin Trigger Configuration Conformation


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Hey Guys, 

Just Looking to confirm the settings for the Trigger setup on the following, 

Engine is a Tl1000s ,

V twin, 

Firing 0 and 270 degrees

Cam is one pulse per rev, 

Flywheel has 4 pulse per rev, with one being longer ( all rising edge are equal )

Ignition trace is cylinder no.1







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Hmmm, that is a tricky one.  Off the top of my head I dont think we support that at present.

That long tooth is going to make it tricky as there is a zero crossing in the middle of it.  Do you already have a G4+?  I think there would be a better chance of making this engine work with a G4X.  

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For reluctors it always triggers off the falling edge when it crosses zero volts.  The falling edge is the only edge that is suitable for triggering in that pattern - the position of the rising edge would change with engine speed (waveform gets taller/teeth get wider as RPM increases)

Yes, I think if you shortened that long tooth so you had 4 teeth the same size, 90deg apart that should work.  

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