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no spark while cranking s14a sr20


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Yeah that is a 12 tooth wheel, not 12-1.  But your set up is correct.  

You map was showing quite a few trigger errors when you saved it so it does appear that it is not happy with something trigger related.  

You you do a triggerscope while cranking and attach the file here.  Here is a quick video showing how to do the scope:  https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmidU5V2CmTcv6t2y?e=JfgyqJ

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Ok, something is very wrong there.  You should see nice evenly spaced teeth all the same size on trigger 1 and just a single tooth on trigger 2 once every 12 trig 1 teeth.  

Im not sure what could cause that - possibly a wiring problem, or the sensor is faulty, or possibly something random like some of those stainless countersunk screws are actually magnetic and triggering the sensor?

Start by reconfirming the wiring - The home wire should go to Link trigger 2 and the "trigger" wire should go to Link trigger 1.  If you're happy the wiring is correct then I think its going to need some input from Taarks.

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Actually, just looking at that scope again, it almost looks to me like they have some of the magnets fitted in backwards.  You're meant to have 12 magnets all facing the same polarity (ie all north poles facing one way), then the 13th oddly spaced magnet is meant to be facing the opposite polarity.   

It looks to me like youve possibly got 4 magnets facing one way and 9 facing the other way.  

If youve got an old school compass or maybe another magnet you could confirm that yourself (not sure if an iphone compass would work, but maybe).

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