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Decel and hunt problem


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1990 nissan 300zxtt. My issue is following. Starts great goes to about 1300 to warm up then comes down nice and smooth to about 900 and it would stay there all day smooth. However if I blip the throttle on decel it will hit between 500-600 and feel like it's about to stall and then it recovers to about 1100 and starts hunting between 1100-900 for a about 30 seconds. Then it becomes more stable around 900 but still a slight hunt 850-950. Now if my electrical fan (not link controlled) kicks in during this time it smooths it right out at 900. once the fan is off it starts hunting again. I am not sure what to look at. Thanks for any help. 

Log 2020-09-17 3;45;49 pm.llg micktune.pclr

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I rewired the the cooling system so now the ecu controls the fan rather than the standalone controller, and so it seems better. Here is the the log file. I couldn't really not run the fan but I did disabled the ac stuff as the ac is not connected right now until I know I don't have to do another engine pull. Lol. Let me know what you think. It still hangs by about 100rpm after I blip the throttle but its getting pretty close. The first part of the log is me blipping the throttle with no fan and then blip with fan is on. Thanks again. 

Log 2020-09-21 1;24;58 pm.llg

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