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Please...please...add the "Math" functions from the G4x to the G4+ platform.


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I had asked a while back when the G4x wasn't released yet if Link could add a way of comparing two analog values to control an output (in my case I am controlling IC fans with the differential temperature of two temp sensors) and I never heard anything back on whether this could be implemented. I realize a majority of the requests on the wish list cannot be added, but this seems like a pretty basic and highly useful function to add to the software. So recently I was poking around in the G4x software and noticed you added the "Math" functions in the "ECU Settings" tab which is exactly what I was looking for to be added to the G4+ software. I upgraded to a G4+ Thunder during the time that the G4x platform was rolling out, but it was only on the "smaller" ecus and I was assured by Link that it would be a long time until the G4x Thunder was released. So since I needed an ecu with the amount of functionality that the Thunder had and I couldn't wait for the G4x version to be released...I made the decision to just buy the G4+ version. Now that I am stuck with this platform, could Link seriously consider incorporating these "Math" functions into the G4+ software before they discontinue firmware updates in a years time? I realize there could be a hardware limitation with the slower processor and possibly less memory, but if there is not...this would be a really valuable addition to the software and something I believe should have been there all along.  

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Im no coder, so some of this is in laymans terms but my understanding is it is basically not possible with the G4+.

The whole G4X code has been written from scratch with functions such as this in mind.  It stores values as 32bit floating point numbers which allows both a huge range of numbers and high resolution.  In the G4+, most values are stored as 8 or 16bit integers, so you have either a decent range or decent resolution, but not both together.  So this makes user math much more difficult as you would have to scale every part of the equation so that every step of that equation and any possible result of that equation didnt lose too much resolution and will still fit in the 8 or 16 bits of space that it had to fit in.     

You could possibly use a GP PWM table to calculate delta temp provided you have a PWM capable aux and frequency cable DI spare.

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@Adamw I am currently doing exactly as you say, but it is consuming a PWM output, a digital input that can handle the frequency, and a 3D table in the software just to do one simple calculation. Hence why I believe the math function should be added, but whether it should be added or not, it doesn't matter if the hardware won't support it. So I get that. 

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