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Changing order of cylinders


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So, I f*cked up with the wiring. I was told order of cylinders incorrectly and I didn't check it.. 

So I wired 1 as 4 , 2 as 3, 3 as 2, and 4 as 1. Both Ignition  and injectors. I was able to switch them and got the engine running some how , but wiring looks like ... Well, you know.. :D 

Smart coils and 8 injectors in hayabusa. 

So is there a way to change cylinders in program? If I fix just firing order, does it fix the problem also  with the injectors? Anything I need to take account? 

I was not able to test this, because drive gear of oil pump got broken and I lost the oil pressure and need to change that first. 

Video ->

Testing Busa

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I could, yes. I also could swap them in the other end, does not require much more work, and I would keep the original colors. 

I was just wondering, if it could be done. My friend thought that in Haltech it would be possible. 

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You can make it work by fudging the firing order in the software but that is asking for trouble if you ask me - I would fix the wiring.  

If you fudge the firing order and say the tuner finds for instance cyl #1 is more prone to knock and wants to retard it a little, if you adjust cyl #1 in trhe software it would actually be adjusting cyl #4.

It will be fine if you are never going to do any individual cylinder trims, but I dont know if I like doing it that way.

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