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The log is not much use as only some basic parameters are logged and there is no lambda etc, but from what is there it mostly looks ok.

I had a quick look over the tune and there are a few aspects that I dont like.  The first one is the lambda target table only spans to 0Kpa boost (i.e it suits an NA engine).  So above 0kpa boost it is still targeting 0.885 lambda which is very lean for a boosted engine.  For all we know the tuner could have completely ignored this table and tuned it to run richer but there is no way to know (most tuners that know how the system works would generally tune to the value in the target table).  Similarly knock control is only spanned to 100kpa MAP (0 boost), so may or maynot work above that.

The ignition table doesnt really look tuned or optimised either.

My suggestion is it should probably go to a tuner for a check and tickle up.  If it drives ok it probably is not going to need much time spent on it to confirm the tune is ok, but I think there are enough questionable aspects that it would be prudent to get at least a power run with a lambda and some knock ears connected to confirm.



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Would you have any quick table adjustments for ignition and go get my lambda down the afr was set to 14.7 in main fuel so that's what sparked my concern I am on full E85 

I'm running 2000cc injectors arias pistons and arp heads, two 3071r gtx full e85 changed afr to 9 to give a reading of 9.8 and still 0885 lambda tho

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