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Subaru STI ECU which one should I buy?

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Hello! I own a Subaru STI 2007 (GDB) for EU market. From the factory it runs on the EJ257 engine.

Currently I'm building an EJ207 Engine with 2.2 stroker kit, and the goal is to reach 400 WHP.

I would like to know, which Link ECU model will perfectly fit to the EJ207 preset? And what potential reworks might I face?

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It will most likely use our WRX107X ecu, but in the GDB cars there is a little overlap and some cars use the WRX104X ecu.  These two ecu's look identical, just the pinout is different.  So before committing you need to confirm what you car has by inspecting the wiring. 

You need to look at the left hand main plug on the ECU (Plug A), check if there are any wires in the holes for position A1, A2, A3.  If your car has wires fitted in these 3 positions then you need to order the WRX104X ecu, if there are no wires in A1/2/3 then you need the WRX107X ecu.



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