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Trigger errors on hot restart


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Hello All,

2006 Subaru STI - Link ECU WRX104 V10

Using the setting from the help file currently for cam/crank.  Car is running and driving with no issues as far as I can tell.  But upon turning off the car and running into the store  for 15 mins then restating the car, its hard to restart (still need to fine tune hot restart numbers).  I see that Trigger 1 has a few errors and "Trigger 1  State" shows Test Gap and or Blank teeth.

Attaching Calibration file and big log, restart is around 18mins in.

Trigger scope log attached if needed.



Log File:


2006-Subaru-STiWRX104-working v2.pclx


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Yeah, this is weird.  Im not convinced it is a trigger issue as all of those "trigger 1 states" are normal for start up.  But what gives me a little doubt that it may still be trigger related is the dwell sits at zero for those first two start attempts (and your 3 trigger error counts).  

I assume from the voltages that the attached triggerscope was done at idle after it restarted.  It would be good if next time you can try to catch a triggerscope of a hot crank when it doesnt start.  

Your triggerscope matches the expected pattern quite well.


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Well I tried to replicate the issue during my lunch, it happened once but ecu disconnected and was not able to get a trigger log, will try again. 

I did get a good "normal" trigger log and I also see that dwell is also 0 until it actually starts.  I'll work on getting a log when the restart is having issues.


A side thing I noticed,  when going turning key from ACC to ignition on I hear the relays under the hood kinda double click.  I think the main and sub fan relay are double clicking instead of just tripping,  the fans also spin for a quick second and stops.  My fuel pump relay also double clicks, like I hear the pump click on and off then back on very fast.  IDK if that is just normal power procedure or not, but nothing seems to be affected and car drives fine.


PC Datalog - 2020-09-29 12;21;03 pm-NORMAL HOT sTART.llgx TriggerScopeLog-NORMAL HOT-START.llgx.llgx

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