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2ZZ-GE idle issues


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Hi guys. 

I have an issue with my 2zz idle. On cold start up, engine feels like it wants to cut out and doesnt hold idle above 800rpm unless I hold my foot on the throttle to keep it alive. When the ECT gets to about 50 degrees Celsius, it will idle at about 1200-1400. When the engine fully warms up, it starts to idle at 1800 on random occasions. I can bring the idle to drop back down to my target idle rpm of 1100 if I blip the throttle a few times. While driving under 2000rpm, it feels very juddery and lurches back and forth as if the idle control valve is stuck open. 


I initially thought it was a sticky TPS/throttle but I have since changed this for a new/clean component but the problem still persists.


I have attached a map file and a log file of cold start up.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

2zz mr2 map.pclx cold start log 2.llgx

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Hi again

So I've managed to tune open loop idle control and the car now cold starts fine and idles fine. There is another issue that I have which is that the revs will hang at around 2000rpm if I blip the throttle or drive and come to a stop while the engine is still cold.

There is still a slight judder/lurching back and forth from 0 - 2000k rpm but most of this has disappeared since setting up the idle control correctly

Is the rev hang down to the fact that there is too much ignition angle from 0 - 2000k rpm? The rev hang doesn't happen once ECT's are past 50 degrees and only seems to happen under 40 degrees. 

I have attached another log and map file.

Thanks in advance.

Mr2 2zz.pclx Log 2020-10-13 7;12;16 pm.llgx

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