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Help with fueling parameter CLL

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I went lapping with the car and car is running a bit lean. After reviewing the log I'm seeing that the car gets in Lockout: %TPS Delta for 1s which is preventing the ECU from correcting fuel to reach target. After the shift I get the "engine cut" which is also preventing fuel correction for almost 2 sec. Knocklite was showing a bit of activity which is not good.

2 questions

1) My current TPS Delta Lockout is et à 20%/100ms. What would be the recommended value? 0?

2) Is the engine cut related to the gear shift control? If so which parameter might be causing that?

Anything else?


Simon-Gagnon-Subaru STI V10 G4X Xtreme Plugin-V1-3-10.pclx



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Bit hard to say without a copy of the log, I would recommend tuning your fuel table correctly rather than relying on the CLL to catch it, at the very least make it rich under load and have the CLL removing the unnecessary  fuel.

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