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Canbus stream to MXG dash - FuryX


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G'day all,

Playing around setting up my FuryX and MXG Strada dash, and trying to understand the full canbus stream.  There seems to be plenty of items I won't be using, and plenty not there that I would like to use.  Is there a way of adding additional items into the stream to be read from the dash?  For example, I want to put the cruise control status and set speed on there, plus traction control status.  The help file doesn't really go into detail with this (probably because it's a can-bus of worms).

Is there a way to adjust the data stream?  Or are there more values in the stream (can aux outputs...???) that can be configured in race studio (not found a lot in there).  The other way I could do this would be to completely rebuild the stream on both ends as a custom stream.  Not the quickest way to do it, but would certainly remove the clutter and add the bits I want.

I do find the lack of ability to customise the display on the MXG a bit annoying (maybe quite a bit annoying).  AIM tells me this is because they have to make sure all displays work and are legal, however I'm not sure how this applies with varying legality requirements in various countries/jurisdictions?  It would be nice to rearrange so I can get rid of things like the current gear, and add things like cruise mode icon in a corner above the cruise set speed... but no method for user configuration of the pages (beyond changing the value in the set location) is available.  Yes there's pages with HEAPS of info available, but this becomes a clutter for normal driving (this is a street car... hence the street version of the dash).  I guess some ability to adjust this would be nice.  Can it be done with some rudimentary editing software (even an xml editor if it's built that way)

Cheers, Owen

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Kinda found a workaround for the rant at the end thanks to some smart cookies in the UK.  There are a bunch of XML files hidden in the race studio back end that can be used as bases for new settings.  Will play with that to get what I want.  Now to set up a custom CAN stream I guess...


Cheers, Owen

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