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Ecu master wheel speed to can adapter


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Hi everyone 

I have resently purchased a ecu master wheel speed to can adapter from brands hatch performance in the uk 

has any one got any info on how to get the module to talk to a link g4+ Xtreame  ecu 

any help would be great 

thanks hagen 

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Im not going to be able to help much further tonight as just about to head home, but can you take a look at the CAN 2 status on the runtimes screen like below (power off/on everything first to reboot). 

Are your CAN lambdas working/being found?


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Ok, so that would suggest the message is making it through ok.

The scaling in the ecu master manual is a bit vague, can you try changing the multiplier to 10 and divider to 1 in the Link Stream 1 like my pic below (they are opposite to this in your map currently).


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sorry to dig up this thread even if it isn't too old yet ;)

did you ever figure out to get the ecumaster wheel speed can adapter to work?

I plan to get one for my MR2 and run it with a G4X so it would be nice if it works before ordering B)

Thank you !!

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