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speed input issues

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hey all i have a s14 silvia running a monsoon with a 300zx box have the gearbox 2 wire vss speed sensor connected to digital 2  and not sure how to configure it to get it to work correctly and also not sure how to get it to send the data to my aim dash. any help would be good.

the ecu is reading that the sensor is imputing data.

have attached file as well  

jasmac tune 2020.20.pclr

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yeah it is reading speed but its not the correct speed just moving slowly it reading 100kph is there a was to work out that calibration to put in there as i cant drive the car on the road as it a dedicated race car. and cant get it to transmit via can to the dash ether 

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My Stagea uses a calibration value of 530 if that helps, RSFourS box (R33 GTR) 4.33 diffs I believe and 225/55R17s with the speed signal coming straight from the box. It is possible to calculate it all out but will be difficult with a VR sensor as you can't easily count the number of teeth per rotation.

From the help manual, you may be able to correct for diff ratio



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For the speed calibration you could jack the back wheels up, hold it at say 2000RPM in 4th gear and note down speed displayed in PC Link.  Then go to something like this: https://spicerparts.com/calc/transratio/index.html to calculate the actual speed that should have been displayed at 2000RPM.  

Then you can multiply the DI calibration in the ECU by the same factor as your displayed vs actual speed difference.  

For the speed in the dash, are you looking at the LF wheel speed channel?

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