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Electric power steer pump-Thunder.

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Got an Opel Astra power steering pump fitted to my car, need to figure a strategy to control the thing.

Main power always connected via fuse circuitry.

It has 2x additional inputs that get 12v simultaneously to make it active.

One stays connected to 12v.

The other needs 12v only when the steering input is changed , this spins it up to full power. Once the input stops, need to disconnect this 12v source until the next input.

I would need some sort of column activation sensor, input to the Thunder with an appropriate output.

Any ideas?


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Have you researched and made a plan before installing it ?

From what I see this is a constant-on pump. 

I'd run this as GP output. "on if rpm above <your idle rpm -100>" with "SwOff Timer" large enough to accomodate your rpm drop.

Might want to add batt voltage greater than <your charging voltage (13.Xv?) > as AND Sw Cond 2. 


(dont forget to measure the draw on your 12v pump activation cirucuit to make sure its within the ECU limits)


Hope this helps.



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