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1.6 Miata plug and play won't Connect to Serial Link


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I recently bought a 1.6 Miata using a plug and play link system. I have the hand controller and serial link. The hand controller seems to be reading fine but I can get the serial link to connect to the data logger or pc link. 

The included tuning book from flyin Miata (revision 4.6 2-13-07) says that the data logger software needs the installation date which can be retrieved by pressing the two edit button down on the hand controller. The controller doesn’t show a date and shows random numbers (see attached image). 

has anyone had this problem or can help identify if this system can be accessed by the serial link?board.thumb.jpg.93eeb00d4c6c2233ab993e21a5865b05.jpgeditButtons.thumb.jpg.a6e5bfb1d3eb7647bf56f954634cb3db.jpg

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Sorry for the slow reply, I missed this post sitting down the bottom here...

Unfortunately Im not sure if we can be much help - I will call @Simon to see if he has any more knowledge than me.

But that does not look like one of our micro's, I assume it is an old Flyin Miata one.  I believe they licenced the hardware and firmware off us but made some changes to the firmware themselves.  It was based on ours but stuff like comms with their datalog software was unique to them and we have little info on it.

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