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Axis Break Point Matching Mulitple Tables


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Probably my biggest annoyance with the Link software so far is the fact that if I change the load or rpm break points on one table (for the sake of argument fuel table 1) - I typically would like the option to use these same axis settings on the timing table 1, or fuel table 2, etc.  If I enable per cylinder fuel trim tables and per cylinder timing trim tables - having to reselect and rescale the axis on each one which is another example of this same hassle and takes extra time.  If there were an easy way to copy axis settings from one table to another or when changing axis of certain tables sets to have the option to apply to all tables of that type perhaps would be a big time saver.  I can see scenarios where you don't necessarily want to do this, but most of the time I'm using these features I am setting these axes of same type of table to the same parameters and break points.

I also have customers that like to view the load starting low at the bottom and going high at the top -- and to be honest a lot of previous ecus were this way.  I know there is the invert load axis option on the fuel table and others when you right click, but here again, you have to apply it to each and every table separately instead of a global button to apply it to all tables.  I would use this feature potentially if it was a global setting or could be applied globally.  

Anyone else have these same feelings?

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For matching axes on common tables such as knock trim, fuel trim, ign trim then the export to clip board/import from clip board as dx4picco suggested is quick and easy.  For most other tables it is not usually required or wanted to have matching axes - for instance most commonly fuel table would use MGP vs Ign using MAP and typically Ign needs far less breakpoints.  If there is something common you do with table axis another option is to export a "master table" to file and keep a library folder on your laptop with a range of common table setups you use so you can just import them when needed.  I do this for instance to quickly set up a ITB fuel table as well as things like temp sensor calibration tables.

Pre-populating a 3D table with the prior 2D values would be difficult with the way the tables are used.  My understanding is with most when set to 2D they use a table that is dedicated to that specific function.  However when you set it to 3D then it assigns the first free GP table in the ECU (you will see it show up in your table allocation list).  PC Link is just displaying what is in that table that it just pulled from the ecu - since that GP table could have been used for anything in the past the values that it contains are likely irrelevant.  This is why the dialog pops up asking if you want to clear its values and set the axes to defaults.  I guess there could be another dialog that pops up and asks if you want to copy one axis and some values from the previous 2D table but I suspect many would find that more annoying than helpful.  


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Why would MGP for fuel be preferred but MAP for timing?  Does using MGP automatically correct fueling for altitude via the BAP reading?

Wasn't aware of the import/export to and from clip-board - that should save me a lot of time - thanks.  The biggest flaw there I see is it copies the whole table contents as well as the axis settings which is fine for cylinder trim tables for example, but for like fuel tables or timing tables, I may not want to copy the tables completely.  I still feel an axis only setting copy would be useful.


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I would say it in a simple way, that MGP (more representative of pressure difference between intake and exhaust) is the usefull value to calculate airflow values, while like you said, keeping for elevation.

MAP is more related to global cylinder load, which is important for us when tuning igntion

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