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dual park/neutral switchs


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I am working on a track car set up with push button start/stop. I am including park/neutral signal as a safety - the catch is that I am including a remote start/stop button in the engine compartment with a clutch 'over ride' button since I can't work the clutch pedal if I have my head in the engine bay!

sounded pretty easy until the clutch pedal sensor is normally on and the engine bay button is normally off. I set them up as separate park/neutral sensors but it appears that the software will only listed on one park/neutral channel.


any great ideas on how to set this up?

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well it sounded nice but it does not work. with the anti theft it still spins the engine but does not have spark / fuel. 

looks like i will have to go with the hard wired option and change the override switch in the engine compartment to a momentary normally on button and put it in series with the clutch switch.

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