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Graphic Table View Issue, Blank Titles :(


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20 hours ago, Adamw said:

Im no expert on this side but my first guess would be either your graphics card is disabled or it doesnt support OpenGL.  What graphics chipset does your laptop have? 

I don't have this issue in PC Link G4+

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Hi, my laptop was in the same situation.

Does the lenovo 42914bg support win10? 

I'm writing this as a way to deal with the fact that 42194bg does not support win10.

Restore 42194bg to the original windows (is it win7?).

It's best to use the recovery disk for 42194bg.

If you can revert back to the original win, you may be able to browse normally if you DL the g4x in the link.

My Lenovo was in the same situation. I was able to view it when I recovered it.

I think this is the quickest way to do it.

I tried to put in drivers and so on in win10, but it did not work.

I think that the combination of intel graphichs, Directx, and OPENGL caused a glitch in windows.

I'm writing this text in translation software, I hope you understand it well.

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Yeah, I agree with Keizsr here.  Intel never made a win10 driver for the HD3000, the last "end of life" update for this graphics chip was in 2015 only to support Win 7 & 8.   The driver you are using is one that Microsoft have built to try to make it work in win10 but obviously some of the OpenGL support is flakey.  

Downgrade to win 7 is probably the most likely fix.  You could also try uninstalling the current microsoft driver and see if the Intel win 8.1 driver will install - sometimes they will.

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