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Injector dead time without data


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Hi next year i am thinking of retune my car from traditional to modelled fuel equation. But it's hard to get data for my injectors. The company who i bought the injectors from could only get injector dead time for the 1200 cc injectors. But they said it's almost the same injectors. My injectors is called Bosch ev14 modified, 12 ohms and delivers 1300 cc at 3 bar fuel pressure.

This year i have run the car with the 1200 cc injector dead times and my lambda is almost spot on. A little jumpy on idle and i don't know if that is because of injector dead time or some other factor.

How important is it with correct injector dead times if you want to run modelled fuel and what can i do if don't have 100% correct dead times or other data?



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If it has a diffuser cap on the end of it with 7 holes i have some dead times that would be close.


ASNU make 1300cc injectors using the bosch e14 1650cc injector but put a diffuser on the end to change spray pattern and reduce flow. I have data for those.

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