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Firmware update problem

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I can get connection to ECU with VTS. No problem. When I try to update firmware, no luck. It continues searching ECU forever. Weird is that I update firmware from original to 4.8.1 on summer without any problems... Any ideas...? I even return all parameters to factory values, but it won't help.

I use COM2 and manual connection mode.

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Hi, we updated firmware today. Similar problem. When the update asks for you to cycle the power off and back on again (by turning the key to off and then back on again) it just did not work...no matter how long we waited...in the end, whilst the message was scrolling down the screen we disconnected the battery, re-connected and voila! software finished the firmware update successfully. HTH.

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That is a computer driver problem, it happens to me all the time. I just use another laptop for firmware update.

You were right. I try with another laptop and no problem anymore. Weird...

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