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"air per cyl estimated" does not work as a load axis selection on Ignition table

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I've recently been setting up an Alpha N based engine with modelled fuel. 

With Alpha N the shape of the tables are a bit abstract, as at low rpm a small amount of throttle opening can deliver nearly the entire air requirement of the engine. 

So to mitigate this I had the idea of using Air per Cyl Estimated as a load axis on my ignition table, so that as conditions change and the VE calculation/fuel changes, the ignition timing would match it. So I can let the wideband trim the fuel to be correct, and then the ignition timing will just follow suit instead of needing its own set of compensation tables.

In PClink it will let me select it as an axis option, and when you go for a drive you can see the box move around to show that the current value is travelling around on both axes. 

But the actual ignition value stays pinned at the top row.

I realize you've moved on to G4X and this is a fairly abstract request but if it's an easy fix it would be nice if it works.

Example attached with tune file and a log.


2NZ air per cyl estimated not working.pclr not working 2.llg

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