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G4x N350 G35


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Hello so I recently purchased a G4X N350 for a g35 

so I installed the plug n play ecu installed the necessary vacuum line to work as well next day I arrived at the tune shop we could not connect properly to the ecu it wouldn’t give signal to the laptop after disconnecting and reconnecting it gained signal and then we cracked the car and it started perfectly fine for about 20 seconds the rpms fluctuated until the engine completely died then it wouldn’t turn on after and you can hear the fuel pump turning on and off and the car would not turn over but would crank I checked the connection from the spark plugs and there was no ignition between the coil after plugging in a screw driver into the coil socket and turning the key I found no spark could it be my ecu is defective or could it be a wiring problem? Any ideas are appreciated

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