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G4 E-Throttle control

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Hi, I have a G4 from 2009 which I plan to use to run a 2008 Subaru EZ36R engine. I am a little confused about whether it can run the Subaru's drive-by-wire throttle. Everything pointed to it being able to but I am just reading the installation manual included with the PC Link version 4.10.2 (the last/latest update for G4's) which says only the G4 silver case can do this. Mine has a red case. Anyone know if my unit can run the e-throttle? 

I guess this begs the question whether I have the correct version of PC Link. I'm not sure which one to choose. I assumed the PC Link software would update the firmware on the ECU so chose the latest and last software version for the G4. Am I wrong on this? Should I be downloading the PC Link version for the firmware on my unit? How do I tell what firmware my unit has?  

Sorry these are all rudimentary questions but I am new to Link and not sure how the firmware and software interact. Also, really want to be sure my G4 can run my engine before the wiring begins!

Thanks in advance

Sorry, meant to say my unit is a G4 Xtreme red case.

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Correct, the Red case G4 xtreme doesnt have internal E-throttle.  It needs an external driver module.  Our newer G4+ external module will still work with it:  https://dealers.linkecu.com/G4RET

To give you a quick history lesson, the red Xtreme was sold as the lower cost consumer level ecu at the same time as we sold a higher end motorsport grade Vipec V88 ecu.  The were very similar hardware except the red Xtreme had some stuff removed to make it cheaper.  The stuff removed was peak and hold injector drives, e-throttle hardware and also some advanced software functions to reduce support and development costs.   

As for the software you need, generally the latest V4.10.2 will work with all firmwares.  

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