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PlugIn Vs WireIn ECUs

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( Sorry for poor english )

Hi all, Im currently looking to buy a Link Ecu but I have some question first

I Currently own a SR20DET and I know there's the S13Link - NS13X ecu for exactly  my engine and harness PnP. But maybe in the future I will change the engine ( ex: ls1, RB , etc ).

Actually my plan is to buy and WireIN ecu with a PnP harness conversion but can't find any jumper harness. The reason why I want that is let's say I blow or I decide to sell the SR20 I want to re-use the ECU for another engine etc.

The G4X XtremeX ECU looks like a very versatile ECU and suit my needs. But it is stated that it is a 8/8 Ignition/fuel ecu. Can you re-proggram it for a 4 cyl engine? or 6 Cyl engine?

Because I want to keep the ECU for any of my projects. I'll be using it now for a 4 cyl and later maybe a 6 or 8 engine.

Thanks alot

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I would lean towards the Xtreme in your case.  Yes, it can run any engine from 1-12cylinders.  

The S13 plug-in ecu only has 6 injector drives available on the board and no e-throttle outputs available on the board so that will limit you if for instance you choose to go to a LSx or whatever.  It would still be able to run a V8, but injectors would not be fired sequential.


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