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4efte start up map

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Hi not sure if anyone can help I’m after a start up map for an atom 

running in a Toyota starlet 4efte with 24 point trigger pick up on std injectors 


If anybody has anything just so I can check for oil leaks an before going on the rollers 


thanks in advance to who can help !


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@takman Sorry you where given the wrong info above, you cant use a G4+ map in a G4X ecu.  I may be able to convert it for you in the next few days.

抱歉,上面给出的错误信息无效,您不能在G4X ecu中使用G4 +地图。 我可能会在接下来的几天为您转换。

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@takman對不起,給您上面錯誤的信息,您不能在G4X ecu中使用G4 +地圖。我可能會在接下來的幾天為您轉換。

抱歉,上面指出的錯誤信息無效,您不能在G4X ecu中使用G4 +地圖。我可能會在接下來的幾天為您轉換。


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