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Knock link question

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Are g4+ knock link usually pretty quiet? 

like hard to even hear? and is it normal for headphones with microphones on them like iPhone etc to not work? 
seems odd since they work in every other type of normal style headphone jack and my preferred headphones being able put them under ear muffs etc.  

it’s been the same every since I bought it so it isn’t a issue that’s just started and has been like that since day one.  



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No, it shouldnt be quiet, the earbubs with a mic and 4 pole plug are your problem.  Most 4 pole earbuds wont work correctly in 3 pole jacks.  You need a set with a plain stereo/3 pole connector.

You may be able to get some sort of adapter to convert the 4 pole pinout to 3 pole but there are at least 2 different 4 pole pinouts so it is hard to know what you have.    

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That doesnt sound right.  Might pay to return it to be tested.  Have you tried both extension cables and both knock sensors to rule those out as the culprit?

On mine the noise level it is pretty uncomfortable on full volume.  

And to confirm - this is a Knockblock right?  Not a Knock Link.

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Yes it’s a g4+ Knock block. 

yeah it’s defiantly not uncomfortable at full volume it’s a struggle to hear it most of the time. 

tried both cords and a longer one I made myself, used both sensors and even a jecs knock sensors


it seems to pick up a lot of electrical noise too what I’m guessing is unavoidable and just part of life. 

I would appreciate being able to have it checked since it’s had limited use and been like that since day 1. 

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