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4D ignition table for torque reduction during gear shifts


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Are we talking for an auto trans?  How does the ECU receive the signal?  Is the signal just on/off or some sort of message that contains info on how much the torque needs to be reduced by?  Is the signal active for the whole time the TR is required, or is there some timer and ramp functionality required after the signal?

Is it turbo or NA?  How much does torque need to be reduced by (maximum percentage)?  What ecu do you have?

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It's an auto trans , and my ecu is the link extreme g4+ it's connected in a piggyback configuration , so the factory ecu controls the transmission ecu , the car is a Genesis coupe 2.0t with a tomei m7960 turbo , i have a digital input connected to the upshift button on the steering wheel .

I'm trying to reduce the torque for the duration of the gear shift , since the transmission won't shift when on full throttle although it shifts normally when on partial throttle .

I'm guessing that i need to reduce the torque by around 70% for the duration of the shift , there's around a one second delay between pressing the upshift button and the actual gear shift .

Once the gear shift is over we need to ramp up the torque again , please note that I tried using the gear shift control feature but it didn't work properly.

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