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Direct Entry issues in G4X

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What I've noticed when using the G4X software is there's a couple of small annoyances when it comes to directly entering values in tables, or fields, and when changing axis parameters.  

Some table values (like lambda target) often will have values that are less than 1.  Therefore typically to enter a value I will first hit the decimal/period key and nothing happens (same in G4+ software).  I have to hit a number zero or other number to direct enter or hit the enter key or some other method to input a decimal value.  Is there a reason that it's not allowed to enter a direct entry dialog box by hitting the period key?

The other is when in an axis setup view on a table - you click on the parameter and often start typing the new parameter name -- let's say it's set to MAP and you want to change it to MGP.  If you first type M - this opens the dialog of all possible parameters, but that M does not show up in this window.  So like in the G4+ software you would hit a real quick MGP - and poof MGP would be entered in the dialog once it thinks for a couple seconds.  In the G4x software just GP will show up.  

These are small annoyances with obvious work arounds, but I figure it should be brought up.

Also why does the AFR target table 1 only allow 10 rows, but 16 columns, but the AFR target table 2 allows 11 rows, and 14 columns?

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I think the answer to the first one is it was probably designed to only allow a valid number to be entered, and a decimal point (or a comma for some europeans) is generally not considered a valid way to start number, it would usually have a zero in front of it.  I have seen some discussion which says if the range of numbers never exceeds 1 then the leading zero can be left off, but it is not common - at least in my world.  It might be an American thing to leave the leading zero off and not something I had ever considered people would try.  I will ask Vaughan if it can be made to work without the zero when he is back from holiday.  

The table axis setup one I cant quite understand what you mean, I will attach a video at the bottom to show how I use it and how it works for me and maybe you can elaborate after seeing that.  As far as I have noticed it is similar or the same as how it worked in G4+.  The search has definitely slowed down a bit since G4+ as the way the sorting works in the background had to be sacrificed since it was bogging down slow laptops too much with all the extra parameters that G4X has.  

As for the AFR target tables:   Most basic core functionality that every/most users will need has a hardcoded table that is always there and always being processed in the background but any "extra" functionality that only select users will need will be allocated one of the "GP tables" only when/if they turn the function on.  This way you dont have the micro working hard all the time processing hundreds of tables that no one is using.  Recent firmware gives all users 45 of these GP tables (FYI, You can see how many GP tables you are using by clicking the Table Allocation wrench down the bottom of the ecu settings tree).  AFR target 1 is a core hardcoded table and AFR target 2 is allocated to a GP slot when you turn on multifuel.  So that is some background of why they are different - but I dont actually know why they originally choose a different size for AFR target 1 - I suspect it may be for legacy reasons so that G4+ maps can be imported easier or something - or it could just be they didnt think that resolution was needed for AFR target.  But I will again ask Vaughan about that when I can.  

Video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPvS6HtlMCowX3PXbj?e=MrYxLN

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Let me see if I can do it with pictures:

I hit "X" to get the following dialog:

I click on X axis parameter box where it says "None" or I press Tab button until "None" is highlighted:

Now I type the word "Engine":

You'll notice the "e" is missing where you type in the search term at the top of the selection window. 

In the G4+ software doing the same thing does not drop the first letter.  Let me know if that clears it up.  If not, I can take videos of the screens while doing this in both software versions.

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Looking into this and '.' and ',' are currently used to show/hide and play/pause the snake trail respectively. I can change these to show up their respective characters (this does catch me out fairly regularly as well) but I'll need to figure out what to replace them with.

The first character missing looks like it has already been fixed.

As Adam said AFR/Lambda Lambda Target 1 is hardcoded and AFR/Lambda Target 2 is a GP Table, table 1 was kept the same size as G4+ because we didn't see the need to make it any bigger, do you find that you need more rows and columns in AFR/Lambda Target Table 1?


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T for Trace or Trail as a toggle on or off? 

There was a function in the Hydra software I liked that was called "visit Trace". that would simply make the visited cells values turn to bold font that was resetable via a menu command (would leave the cells visited as marked as such until it was reset or the ecu was disconnected/reconnected).  If not that it would be handy to also have the snake trail extend to datalog viewing as well so it would be possible to see several seconds or a varialbe number of visited cells behind the cursor location associated with a datalog as well as the current cursor location in the log.

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T is for "show tables only" and this is a fairly commonly used hot key when tuning from what I have seen. 

I think the more important point is for this change the snake trail controls will have to change to something that is maybe less intuitive and we dont know how widely it is used or how many users it will upset.  I personally rarely use it and I suspect most others that tune on a steady state dyno dont use it either but I can imagine that maybe road tuners or inertia dyno tuners may use it more.

@Vaughan I see F6 is snake trail pause resume but for all tables - Im not sure if the full stop one would be needed if you can just use this to achieve something similar?   I still cant think of a good intuitive way to free up the comma key though. 

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