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Skyline r33 RB26 - aftermarket injectors and vi-pec

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I bought a Plug and play ECU for my r33 rb26 engine.

I have done everything as the manual said to where I'm starting the engine.

It wount start.. After trying to start and fail, i see that there is no voltage to the injectors.

(Ofc. master fuel have been turned back to sequential after trigger was done)

Originally this engine have 444cc injectors with a resistance ballast, so I'm guessing that means the injectors the are low imp.?

-Can anyone confirm that wrong or right? ----> sold the original injectors, so cant messure them.. Very smart!

I have tried to google, but cant find any info if this feeling is right, but logic thinking that would make sence..

Anyway, the injectors I now have (injector dynamics 1000cc) I meassure 11.4 Ohm, so high imp. and the resistor ballast is still wired as it is originally

on the engine.

Shall this one be rewired and resistor ballast removed when putting the vi-pec into the car?

And is there anywhere in the ECU management change between high/low imp injectors?

Thanks for any help

-Kristian Jensen

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Hello Kristian

Remove the ballast resistors as page 6 in the manual. There is no need to change anything in the software, because you have saturated inj drives(low current). Also fill in the correct deadtimes for your injectors in the custom dead time table. (Not essential for the engine to run, but for correct deadtimes with various voltages.)

You must check with a engine wiring diagram to find out why you do not have +12v at the injectors. If you have the wiring diagram, you can email it to me and I will look at it.


Ben Stian

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