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2NZFE Toyota Echo + ITB + Link G4+ Xtreme | Update: Prius motor installed...


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My other car has been off the road for ages, and life has been in the way. 

So I thought it might be fun to just wire up my ECU into the Echo so I could have a play around with some tuning stuff again. 

It's a 1300cc economy engine so not going to set the world on fire. But a bit of fun.

I need/want to revert it all to factory though, so I bought a spare ECU from wreckers and cut the plugs out to make a patch loom.


This car has VVTI on the intake side, which means I could do my usual sweep through the vvti angles and see which delivers the most airflow into the engine. 

Results were unexpected:

(Colour scale is cam angle, blue is 0 degrees advance)


The engine pretty much hated having any cam advance at all over say 3000rpm. 
As opposed to my other engine where it likes lots of advance right to say 6500rpm then tapers off. 

I also noticed that the mass air flow rate just absolutely flatlines when you got to around 4000rpm. 

I didnt have a map sensor connected, but my suspicions were that it relates to the absolutely tiny throttle body, and the super long skinny runner on the intake manifold. 

There didnt look to be a  particularly easy way to fit a bigger throttle body, as the whole manifold is plastic and there's not much scope for boring it out.

So looking in the parts bin, I had some silvertop 4AGE throttles in the garage. 

I have a 3D printer that could bang together a usable prototype so after a few adjustments ended up with this.


Then printed some trumpets to available clearance.


Everything fit up surprisingly easily, the most expensive part of the swap (of parts I didnt already have) was just buying a radiator hose so I could move the filler cap a little further over. 

Results - were amazing! 
Instead of flatlining at 4000rpm, it just kept going up. I'd keep revving it a bit higher to help mitigate the crummy gearing from 1st to 2nd, but it starts getting valve bounce at around 7200rpm.
Also, now since the pressure differential from intake side to exhaust side has lessened (less intake vacuum at WOT) the engine now likes having more cam advance to make use of some scavenging.
Virtual dyno showing really good gains, and the difference in the fuel map backed this up too.


I took this car to the drags last year for a laugh, and when standard it ran a 17.6 @ 77mph with a 2.5 sec 60foot. 

So I wanted to try beat this as best I could, so setup a basic launch control using just rpm limiter with vehicle speed as a load axis


I figure I can tweak the 0kph limit up or down to set how much initial wheelspin it has, and then tweak the decay rate to calm down any excessive wheelspin as it gains speed. 

Some testing was looking promising but I also havent really been in the mood to deal with a blown up clutch so I didnt spend too much time on it.

The printed manifold got some reinforcing just in case.


Come to drag day. 


I think this launch control method would have worked well if I was doing a burnout to scuff the tyres. But since I was clutch concious I was just rolling through. So the tyres would get wet to a varying degree and also the rubber debris you pick up varies from run to run. So I found it was a bit inconsistent.

None the less, managed to improve the PB significantly to 16.4 @ 83mph. With a slower 60ft at 2.6 seconds

So possibly even quicker however I only completed a minimal amount of runs for sake of clutch preservation. 
(I've owned this car since 30,000km, it's now on 195,000km with original clutch)

It's actually been heaps of fun, and it's a completely different car to drive with the better intake. 
I've got a gearbox ready to fit with better final drive ratio and gearing from the RS model, and a torsen LSD to fit in it. 
I'll also chuck the 1500cc motor in at some point, I'd imagine it would dip into the 15 second bracket pretty easy with that combo. 
And it's great because all of the parts are hilariously cheap. If I could wring 100hp per litre out of the 1500cc setup it would be pretty hilarious to drive, as it's only around 800kg. Still not the same power to weight ratio as my other car, however, would be a heap of fun to do some autocross/hillclimbs/small track stuff with. 

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So things escalated a bit... 

It turns out that the Toyota Prius C / Aqua uses a modified 1NZFE motor (1NZFXE) to suit hybrid application.

So this means it has 13.4:1 compression, ceramic coated pistons, electric waterpump, lighter crank shaft, and a few other goodies that also make sense for things other than a 75hp atkinson cycle motor. 

So I bought some JUN 264 deg cams, stiffer valve springs, fitted ITB, fitted an alternator (normally no belt driven accessories 

and then paired it with a close ratio Vitz RS gearbox. 


The difference is outstanding!


Currently no VVTI working and it's still a completely standard Echo exhaust which is far from optimal. 
I havent been to any events but it's done a 5.8 second 0-100kph with the open diff. 
It's using 66% duty cycle with 310cc 2ZZGE injectors at 55psi. 
Being able to rev it higher, and the close ratio box with a 4.3 final drive has made a massive massive difference.

The noise it makes now is hilarious, none of the performance or sound at all matches the general aura of the car. 

LSD is on the to-do list! 

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David, on the odd chance that you still frequent the forum, I am also doing a wiring setup the same as yours and I have a couple of questions. 
(and I dont have the car in front of me)

The stock echo ecu has both Viti solenoid positive and negative going to the ecu, am I right to assume it’s a ground and a single output on the link ecu or does the stock setup drive both positive(advance) and negative (retard)

Also how did you go about the grounds from the stock ecu wiring. I see that the cam and crank are on their own ground how about A1, A13, A14 are they a mixture of sensor grounds or something else?


If you can help, that would be great. 


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