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The dreaded "error 16" t/b cal. issue.


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I have been battling the "error 16 -cannot reach 98% throttle open" problem for 3 weeks now.

E-mails to Link and a lot of fault finding on my side.

Re checking wiring, pins, crimps, plugs , a NEW friggen t/b at a hell of a price, playing settings and all sorts. Manual calibrations do not solve the problem either. 3 weeks of crazy thoughts and a bald head where once I grew hair !

Simon-thanks Simon- notes that I had set the integral gain to zero on the t/b setting. Yea, it works well for my setup I reply.

Not having any previous DBW settings experience I steadfastly stick with my zero integral gain setting.  However, today I throw caution to the wind-actually I said fukkit, and set up wayward settings. Followed live logging and set integral gain at 0.5.

Did a cal and the fkr worked and calibrated perfectly ! Check the live logging and start the engine and again I need to set integral gain to zero which I do.

NO more error 16 issues !

So settings that may give you the best for the engine does not necessarily suit the calibration parameters. If this can help one single person , this post has been worth it.

Thanks for the help Simon.

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You always will need some integral otherwise it is going to error under steady state conditions due to the TP never meeting target.  P & D alone will never get you to target, you need integral to close up any small long term offset.  However, it is usually much less than 0.5.  More commonly 0.04 to 0.15.

So no, you are incorrrect, if you have a correctly tuned PID it will both pass the calibration and operate correctly under all normal use, since they both are effectively just aiming for a target.  Your current settings with no integral are not ideal, you will have variable idle and other low speed running issues as the throttle will never quite rest at target. Some days it will be bigger than target, others smaller.  Even 0.01 integral will be better than 0, but if you need that little it suggests one of your other control variables are probably not correct.    


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On 11/28/2020 at 7:28 AM, 3bar said:


Thanks for the feedback Adam.

Ok, I shall play settings further and see where I need to go. I am currently using your recommended 0.01 and it does seem fine.

I will see how a cal goes with 0.01 today although I have used it as a default input previously when trying an auto cal.

Thanks for the input.

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