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bmw link speed input inactive

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hey all,

   just started working with link g4x and am in the process of setup/tuning.  im all set as far as the install and initial setup .it is a bmw m50b25tu plug and play. what i am inquiring is,  speed input to pin 42  (DI1)  reads inactive. is this turned off, not configured or not getting a signal input from speedo.  before i invested a crap load of time chasing the signal, i thought i would ask

ty jack


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Looking back at older base maps I suspect the DI1 pull-up resistor is meant to be on, but it is off in our G4X base map.  Can you try turning the pull-up on and see if that solves it. 

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hi adam ,

thnx for the reply. i turned the pull up resistor on and still have no speed being seen in ecu.  ive gone through the speed signal circuit from the combination meter and all is well there.  and the bmw speed signal goes to everything from combo meter. any thoughts?  id like to get this working so i can move into gear position so the tuner has more info to go on

thnnx jack

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