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Subaru AVCS actuator wiring

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Hi, am wiring my G4 Xtreme to run a 2008 Subaru EZ36 engine. Making good progress but am having trouble with the AVCS actuators. Not clear to me how to wire them and the engine manual I have doesn't help either (solved the TPS, EGR, and AVCS sensor wiring for me; not clear on the actuators).

The Subaru engine harness has different wire colours for each of the connectors on the actuators so it's not clear if one is power or one is ground. The G4 manual tells me which outputs to use for each actuator but it's not clear to me which connector of the two in each actuator it goes to and what to do with the other 4 connectors.  +12V?  Ground?  +8V?  

Help much appreciated.   

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