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ECU between Fury and Thunder

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It'd be great to see an ECU between the Fury and Thunder that's smaller and cheaper than the Thunder.

2x 34-bin and 1x 26-pin
8 ignition
8 injector
2x e-throttle (one more than Fury). High amperage support for futureproofing for electronic wastegates etc.
Single wideband like Fury
More I/O than Fury but less than Thunder

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3 hours ago, mapper said:

Disagree, Link already has a whole bench of different wire in ECU's, like no other manufacturer. Price diff is not that biig between Furry and Thunder to add another one. 

2x DBW and only 1x Lambda does not make sense in most applications. 

Thats my oppinion.

DBW outputs are also for electronic wastegates and DBW throttles as blow off valves these days so the uses are a lot more than just primary throttles. People can always add one CAN lambda if they want dual wideband.

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Link sells external EThrottle modules that can be used to add a second HBridge to the smaller ECUs. Xtreme + 2 CAN Lambda + an external E-Throttle module would cover your request (Xtreme has two more analog pins than a Fury)

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