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Z1 swapped rzr with AC11 vipec. NEED HELP


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I have an AC11 as stated and the machine runs perfect. I am trying to be able to put a digital display to the AC11. I currently have 6+ gauges and cant see half of them so am wanting to convert to a screen where I can see them all in one place. I was looking at the AEM cd7 and foudn they make a vipc/g4 cable but its for the i44 or i88. The AC11 looks just like the I44 but I dont know if the CAN is the same and if the cable will work if I will need to use some kind of CAN adapter like their 22 CAN to convert to the screen. Has anyone done this and if so how? PLEASE HELP. 


PN 30-2212 - 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module

PN 30-2215 CD-7 Vi-Pec/Link ECU PNP Adapter Harness

PN 30-5702 CD-7G Carbon Digital Dash Display GPS-Enabled (non-Logging)

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Yeah you have a i88 or G4+ based ecu so this has a configurable CAN bus and will allow you to display any ECU related stuff on the AEM dash. 

Unfortunately that AEM adapter cable isnt going to be direct fit, but it will still probably be a decent starting point.  Your ECU doesnt have the 6 pin round CAN plug, your CAN is on the main ECU 34pin plug.  You will have to cut the round plug off the AEM cable and crimp Amp superseal 1.0 pins on the two CAN wires.

The CAN L or CAN - wire goes into pin 33 and CAN H or CAN + wire into pin 34.

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