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rb25/32 stroker - Ross Trigger kit - wont rev past 4500RPM

Fullnoise Performance

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I have installed a ross racing trigger kit to replace the factory cas, it is 12 tooth on the crank with a single cam sync. I am using cherry hall sensors with a 2kOhm external pullup resistor and the link long loom shielded cables to the ecu.

When i am on they dyno, the car will not rev past 4500rpm. Looking at the log the engine speed channel starts to jump around when it gets to around 4000rpm. I have used the trigger scope to look at the signal, it looks ok according the the trigger state parameter

Is there something here that i am missing?

240z.pclx TriggerScopeError startup.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llgx ECU Log 2021-01-16 3;22;51 pm.llgx TriggerScope error.llgx ECU Log 2021-01-16 3;14;33 pm.llgx ECU Log 2021-01-16 2;41;22 pm.llgx ECU Log 2021-01-16 1;55;43 pm.llgx ECU Log 2021-01-16 1;49;26 pm.llgx

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There is very little recorded in any of those logs, can you do a PC log with everything recorded?

Im not convinced there are any signs of trigger error in those logs or scopes, but cant be confident since there is not much relevant data recorded.  

Looks more like a misfire since there are no spikes in RPM which is typical with a trigger error.  Does it free rev above 4500?


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You are right, my laptop disconnects when i get past around 3000rpm. Does the ecu logger have enough space to record all the parameters?

The car will not free rev, it gets to roughly the same spot and cuts. It feels like the ignition system is turning off, since it throws a big fireball out the exhaust.

With the timing locked to perform a trigger calibration, it will move around a lot on the light when i slowly bring the revs up to check ignition delay

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