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Xtreme tach output

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Just to confirm required modifications: I'm using my G4 Xtreme to manage a subaru engine.  The vehicle I am putting it into requires modifications to the tachometer (older vehicle, tach input originally from distributor I believe) to accept the input from a similar vintage (mid 2000's) Subaru ECU were I using that.  

I'm assuming the output of my Xtreme is the same as the Subaru ECU output and the modifications to the tach would thus be the same.  Is this correct? 

Thanks in advance...

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Correct.  You have what is commonly known as a "high level" tacho.  It needs something like a 30-50V spike on the signal wire from the coil to register.  To trigger from an ecu it will need to be modified so a lower voltage signal (typically 5-12V square wave) can make it through the conditioning circuit.  

The same mod they use for a subaru ECU would be fine for the Link ecu. 

An alternative to modifying the tach is to fit a tacho booster such as this:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/142171581596 

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