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FTD2XX.DLL is missing - Driver Install without ECU Connected?


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I've just encountered the issue raised in this locked thread.

The suggested solution requires an ECU to be connected to uninstall the driver.

To fix this issue plug in a G4X ECU, uninstall the ECU driver via the device manager and then reinstall the driver using the driver package installer (PCLink install folder->PCLink G4X->Link USB Drivers->LinkUSBDrivers_X64.exe (or LinkUSBDrivers_X86.exe for 32bit ssytems)).

However that's not possible for me at the moment with the computer having the issue.

What other options are there to resolving this issue?



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17 minutes ago, Adamw said:

You dont need to uninstall anything in my experience.  Just plug-in the ECU so the driver can finish installing.  

I don't have the option to plug in an ecu at the moment, so how do I get around this issue so I can load PCLink?

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13 hours ago, Adamw said:

You will have to use an older version such as 6.18 which doesnt require the driver.

That's very annoying when I'm just about to set up the firmware for a new ecu which will be on the latest version...

Maybe in future versions of PCLink the dll check could be done when you try to connect to an ECU.

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Simon's comment here: 


It looks like a solution to this is to shift where the driver is located.

If you move the ftd2xx.dll file from the C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X\Link USB Drivers\i386\ftd2xx.dll folder to C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X\Link USB Drivers\i386\ftd2xx.dll

Didn't give the correct path, but I managed to work it out.

Copy the following dll

C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X\Link USB Drivers\i386\ftd2xx.dll


C:\Link G4X\PCLink G4X

And PCLink will now open. :)

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