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Master trim? And custom base map...


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I'm in the process of building a custom base map for a 3sgte engine with 2150cc injectors, individual coil pack ignition, and a gen 4 caldina crank trigger with a custom hall sensor setup for the home position sensor.

My big question is this... I know around idle that my pulse width is supposed to be hovering between .5ms and .6ms on these big boy injectors, how exactly does this master fuel trim thing work?

Here is my understanding of it...

If I set my master fuel trim to 5ms, that means that at 100kpa load, 100 in the field equals the the 5ms I input as the master fuel trim? Meaning that for a .5ms pulse at 40kPa at idle with the master fuel at 5ms id have to input 10 in the field?

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Yes, its for e85

I know that its not going to be easy to find a base map...

I do have access to base maps from other EMS's but I dont know how to convert them into the vipec maps... My big question is in regards to the master fuel trim and how to adjust it to give me the injector times that I need.

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05. to 0.6 mS seems a very low pw for idle.

MAP: 35 kPa

RPM: 1004

Fuel table number: 57.7

Inj deadtime: 1.019

No fuel trims

Master fuel = 4ms (Note this is the minimum)

Inj Actual pulsewidth = 1.825 ms

Inj Effective pulsewidth = 0.806 ms

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