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Timing advance issues V44


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I have a Toyota turbo 3SGTE. The fuel mapping seems OK but I appear to have timing issues ( the engine seems to drag a bit). The timing is locked at 10 btdc. The timing light confirms this. The engine runs great at idle and at low speed (pulling in and out of the garage etc.). Once I start to get going, it appears that the ignition is not advancing as it should. I can rev the engine up to 2500+ or so and the timing appears to advance a little but stops at about 18 btdc. I have checked the ignition table but really have no idea how to adjust these values. I have adjusted the table some and it appears that it makes little difference. Can you please try and give me a few hints/pointers on how to get the timing to advance correctly, or if there is something that may be set up wrong. Maybe a few things to check. Please ask for values if you need to.

Thank you Tim.

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