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where's the "Lock to Reference" button?

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Not sure if BackyardBuild sorted his using Jasons advise, but i too am struggling (first time engine start attempt). Choose the set base timing option under calibrate, but no matter what figures i put in there, nothing gets saved. using a timing light, im about 12 BTDC, rather than 10, so assuming need to adjust to tell it im at 12, but cant :S

Am i missing something obvious?? hope so


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I believe I have figured this out. with the car running and you logged into the vipec ECU. Open up the Calebrate window in the Triggers menu. Now click on the "set base timimg" button. This opens the "set base timimg window". In this window set the base timing to what your engine is set at. Mine is -10 BTDC. just put in 10 because it wants BTDC, hit done and the F4 to load this value into the ECU. Now open the window again and you will hear the engine lock to the timing. at this point you use your timing light. The ECU is trying to lock the engine to -10 BTDC. Check the timing and turn the Distributor so the engine shows -10 BTDC. Once the timing light confirms -10 BTDC. you can adjust the Tiing delay. Lock the engine to -10 BTDC by once again opening the "set base timing" window. Rev the engine up and watch the timing mark. If the mark moves from -10 BTDC, adjust the timing delay in (ms) to make the mark set solid at -10 BTDC during revs. Mine didn't move much so I set it at 30. My engine is running so much better since i figured this out.

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