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Software suggestion: Android application


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Hi! I am going to install an onboard Android tablet in the dash to use as an onboard computer (Music, internet etc).

So I came to think, would it be possible to develope an Android application to controll the V44 through a linked device?

It would be really great to have an app that could act as activation buttons for different functions, like launch controll. I am also planning to have a button that lowers the amount of horse power for city and winter use. Would be really great if it was possible to controll it from a tablet rather than having a physical button. What do people think of this idea?

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I think android integration would be a great idea. It seems that someone on the Link ECU forum is looking into something similar, though maybe without the control aspect. Being able to tune from an android device (or even linux) would be great.

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Guest |750|

I agree, that would be amazing. Imagine being able to make changes with your smartphone at the track...

Even the ability to LOG to the phone could be nice, many phones now have quite a bit of storage available. Granted mine is filled with movie's at the moment.


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I buy a nexus 7 for this thing.

Post a update if i had some results.

Im not sure what the better option

a) read the data from the USB-Com port

B) read the data from the canBus (needs a Can ->USB converter)

In the moment i think B) is the better option left the usb-port for tunning and there is the option to implement a ODBII plug at a later stage of development.

I read in the forum that the source code from rays vdash&vlogger is going around, that where a great source of info's for me.

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