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ECU Logging not working

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I'm running a G4+ FD RX7 ECU, Firstly I received this error when trying to retrieve ECU log files  - Unable save log file due to corrupt flash pages. Secondly after deleting the exiting log files, when going into ECU log file setup PC Link goes offline... does this every time, unable to make any changes to ECU logging setup as PC link is offline and won't right changes at next connection.

Tried downloading new log files and get the same error above

The ECU log file setup page shows ECU logging as enabled however I do not see ECU logging status on top right corner of the PC link page (guessing I should see this next to PC Logging status?)

Firmware about shows ECU logging enabled

help appreciated




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The only further suggestion I have is try doing a "restore to factory settings", then load your map back in and see if you can access ecu logging.  If not I suspect you may have a hardware issue and the ECU will need to be returned to your nearest Link office.  

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Thanks Adam, restore to factory settings and reloaded my map/tune and ECU logging is now working.

however....  I can now reproduce the fault. I am running a racetech dash 2 off the ECU serial/RS232 connection. When the dash is connected the fault as above occurs, if disconnected everything works as it should. What alerted me to this was when I tried to restore my tune it came up with an error and wouldn't store to the ECU, disconnect the serial connection to the dash and all was well. 

what would be causing this conflict?

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There is only one serial port - so the ecu can only talk to either the laptop or the dash, not both at the same time.  That was a limitation of serial dashes and one of the reasons why most use CAN bus now instead. 

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